Retreiving ball from hole

• The putt buddy ball retrievers have now been removed and a foam disc has been inserted.

• Players must not remove the pin from the hole.

• The ball is to be retrieved using two fingers, avoiding contact with the pin or by using the claw retriever commonly fitted to the top of a putter. When using the claw retriever extra care must be taken not to damage the hole.

• If a player does contact the pin, he/she is encouraged to sanitise their hands at the earliest opportunity.

• Under no circumstances is the putter head to be used to retrieve a golf ball from the hole.

• A player must only retrieve his own ball, unless anyone else in the group is from the same household, then another person can retrieve the ball.

• If the pin is leaning towards a player and the gap between pin and edge of the hole is narrower than the ball, a second player can pull the pin back vertical, but only using the putter/other club. Players must not physically touch the pin.

• Any member has the authority to challenge anyone in a civilised manner, if the ball is not being retrieved as described above.

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