Subscription Rates

Please find below all our subscription rates for 2019. To download an application form please click here.

April 1st 2019 - March 31st 2020PricesGold Card Credit
Full Playing£585.00 £20
Senior (aged 80 )£470.,00 £20
Distance Full£420.00 £20
Country£330.00 £20
Intermediate (aged 25-34)£430.00 £20
Colts (Aged 21-24)£309.00
Education (aged 18-20)£199.00
Junior(under 18)£60.00
Junior 6-10£40.00
New To club or 'Back to Golf' (not been a member for more than 2 years)£480.00 £30

* Gold Card Credit is a credit on your Gold Card to spend at the bar

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